Lilly a Pinky Kitty põlvikud

Meet Lily, the pink kitten who always wants to play! Knee high socks with her image will not let you ckid be bored, even on a rainy day. Made of high quality material and finished very carefully. Seams on toes and under the knees are delicate so your little tyke's feet will be delighted :)

Original Mama's Feet kitties are finished with anti-slipping paws. It's thanks to them even the most vivid tot will be able to stop before an obstacle.

Knee highs are available in four sizes. 

Why such big age gaps? Don't worry! Children's knee highs are elastic and adapt very well to your child's feet length so kids can enjoy their favourite socks for longer!  

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- 0-2 aastat
- 3-4 aastat
- 5-6 aastat
- Emmedele


80% PUUVILL 15% POLÜAMIID                  5% ELASTAAN

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