Spinkie Butterfly Dreams baldahhiin, Champagne

Spinkie Butterfly Dreams baldahhiin, Champagne/kuldne kroon

Spinkie Butterfly Dreams baldahhiin loob igast lastetoast hubase ja rahustava paiga. Võib kasutada nii voodi kohal kui ka mängu/lugemisnurgana. Spinkie Dreamy signatuurne baldahhiinn toob teie lapse tuppa muinasjutulise atmosfääri, mida igal lapsel oma toas peaks olema.

Elegantne baldahhiin on kaunis lisand igas lastetoas. See toob päevadesse mängulusti ja öösel lohutab ning annab magusa une.


Vegan Soft Tulle, Vegan Sparkle Tulle, Vegan Charmeuse Silk, Vegan Leather


Diameeter 63,5cm , pikkus 2,13m (silmuseta), kaal 2 kg

Baldahhiin: ainult keemiline puhastus

The Butterfly Dreams Canopy is simply what dreams are made of. This new special edition canopy has built-in butterfly appliques that truly capture the magic of a wishful good night’s sleep and beautiful dreams. For us at Spinkie, butterflies signify hopes, dreams and wishes that will be fulfilled. We captured the beauty and wonder of their fluttering wings with lovingly hand-sewn layers of Vegan Charmeuse Silk, Soft Tulle, Sparkle Tulle and Vegan Leather bound by dainty satin lace. Enjoy sleeping or reading under this magical new canopy only from Spinkie!

Key Features:
– Hand-sewn butterflies made of Vegan Charmeuse Silk, Soft Tulle, Sparkle Tulle and Vegan Leather that creates a magical fluttering wings effect
– Handmade with the finest craftsmanship with generous layers of premium Soft Tulle
– Comes with a removable plush crown
– With ribbon ties adorned with butterflies


Pair with the Dreamy Bow Cushion and Dreamy Pillowcase for a complete look


Drill a hole and install a spring toggle hook onto your ceiling then hang the canopy using its ribbon loop on top. For high ceilings, adjust the height using a nylon line to augment the ribbon loop and the hook.

You may also use an elbow bracket on the wall for corner installations.
Hook or bracket may be purchased from your local hardware store.

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